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Gallery of Soaps
Pictures of some of the soaps Violet Crown Soap has offered over the years.
Some will be making a return, others will live only in our memories.

As an FYI: Each bar of soap weighs at least 5 ounces when we cut it .
These soaps are hand made in small batches, so you can expect variances in color, size and weight.


Lemon Ginger

Lavender Mint

Rosemary Mint

Lavender Patchouli

Patchouli Rose

Gardener's Soap

Kitchen Soap

Milk & Honey with Oatmeal

Sea Mist

Queen of the Nile


Cedar Swirl

Grapefruit Vanilla

Lemon Verbena

Bock Beer Soap

Lavender Vanilla

Enchanted Apple

Victorian Christmas

Chocolate Soap

Christmas Morning